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Osteopathic revitalisation means alliance of osteopathic treatment, which is a manual therapy treating osteo articular disorder combine with new technology to achieve your goal of Health, Sport, well being and beauty.

We have a high tech platform that allows us to evaluate you before and after the treatment, so you can see your results. Because to look good and fell good depends on an healthy detoxified body and Soul.

You are tired, you suffer from a chronic pain, you are injured, the double thermal shock is your solution. Making the Energy flow back in your body by getting rid of tension, pain, inflammation naturally and safely. You want to loose weight or cellulite resisting to diet, smooth the wrinkles, tone and firm the ovale of your face, plump your lips, we have your solutions!

Our unique protocols

Health & sport coach osteopath​

certified by Atman Osteopathic Training Center

Golf expert professional​

certified in swing and body motion analysis

Our high technologic platform performing evaluation & and analysing results​

with In Body, Physioner and Physioscan

LPG Body & Face​

worlwide technology, with reknow results for more then 30 years, in health and wellbeing

Double thermal schock

Is the action combining heat and the extreme cold on very specifics areas of the body in order to rebalance the nervous system, bringing back circulation to deep down mains vital organs. Detoxifying the body from heavy metals and pesticides, increasing metabolism, boosting energy, with an anti-inflammatory result. We are using osteopathic specific mobilisation to boost and increase the natural effect of the heat and the cold. It will reduce both pain and inflammation in your body, improve your circulation, fasten the recovery after intense sports, help to loose weight and give you back your energy as it is a unique rejuvenation treatment.


Alliance of aquatic osteopathy treatment which is a manual therapy in the water treating osteo articular disorder, combine with a Golf swing evaluation to achieve your goal of success. . We have a high tech platform that allows us to evaluate you before and after the treatment.The combination of our Golf expert and our Osteopath working together with a pragmatic evaluation gives amazing results.
Because we believe that being successful in Golf is not just about practice and learning but also depends on the good biomechanic of our body.
It could be hard to have a good swing when you have a painful limitation somewhere, muscles tensions, or many other limitations that you are not aware of. Osteoswing can be your solution.

Who we are

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