Worldwide renowned technology that enhance the quality of the skin for more then 30 years.

Number one tool to break down the localized fat, and smooth the cellulite safely and efficiently.

Combining LPG with osteopathic treatment, infrared therapy, cryotherapy maximize all the results.

We did create a whole body and face programs for wellbeing, and body contouring.

This mechanical massage for the body and the face will participate to a deep feeling of relaxation, and detoxification.

We have many protocols:

For muscle tension, that eliminates stress and brings a deep sense of relaxation, for the balance of the body and the mind, or for Fluid mobilization to fight water retention and drain toxins.

The skin is oxygenated and you feel an immediate boost and sense of lightness.

Our unique combination of osteopathic and LPG technology is an exceptional treatment that simultaneously stimulates adipocytes (fat cells), fibroblasts (collagen cells), and their environment for maximum efficiency shaping your body

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