Aquatic osteopathy

Aquatic osteopathy uses the same principles as the classic osteopathy on table but with advantages that gets hot water to 38°C.

Hot water has several positive impacts on the body. It allows intense relaxation of tissues to help for the best care.

This relaxation associated with analgesic properties of hot water offers the perfect conditions to receive an osteopathic treatment without pain.

The osteopath possesses several tools to have a good progress in the session. During the treatment, its requires flutters (head, pond, ankles). A session in aquatic osteopathy is often combined with an osteopathic treatment on table.

It is recommended on pains, chronic injuries, post-traumatic and post-operative pains , pregnancy, and actually almost good for any pathology. We would be cautious with a cardiovascular pathology, certain dermatological pathologies and wounds.

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